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Discover the future of the internet with MMIT Web3 domains, an innovative technology from MMIT Domain.

These decentralized domains have an amazing feature - you don't have to renew them! You can protect your online presence for your whole life. Plus, the exciting part is that you can earn money by just keeping your Web3 domain.

Explore the endless possibilities of the web with Web3 - it's your domain, your money, and your digital legacy, all in one! Don't forget to take a look at this amazing revolution. Check it out right now.



Blockchain technology is the foundation of Web3. It's a decentralized and secure way of recording transactions and data, offering transparency and trust in a digital world.

Mango Smart Chain is your bridge to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). It's a blockchain network that powers innovative financial applications, providing users with control over their assets and financial operations.

Technology provides a secure and decentralized data ledger, distributed across a global network, enabling transparent and immutable transactions and data storage. Renowned for supporting cryptocurrencies, its versatile applications span from executing smart contracts to enhancing supply chain transparency.

For real-time insights into the Mango Hyper Chain, check out Mango Scan



MangoSwap is your gateway to decentralized trading and liquidity provision. It's a user-friendly decentralized exchange where you can swap, stake, and yield farm various cryptocurrencies.

To explore the exciting world of decentralized trading and liquidity provision



MangoWallet is your secure and user-friendly wallet solution for managing your degital assets. It provides a convenient way to store, send, and receive various cryptocurrencies while maintaining security and privacy

Visit the following to sign up for MangoWallet and take command of your cryptocurrency assets:


We Are Available



Phase 1

  • Launched pre sale at a price of 0.000000001
  • Brand awareness
  • First Fruit Meme token launch
  • Attended Crypto Expo Dubai

Phase 2

  • Listed at Pancake Swap
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coin market cap listing
  • Won the Best Crypto Debut Award at Crypto Expo Asia

Phase 3

  • Kill one zero and reach a price of 0.000000013
  • Listed in the top Centralized exchanges
  • To achieve 1000 rank at coingecko

Phase 4

  • Holders to 10000
  • Kill one more zero
  • Mangoswapp Launch
  • To get listed in top 10 CEX

Phase 5

  • To get listed in top 10 CEX
  • Mangoswap Launch
  • To Get in Top 300 At Coingecko

Phase 6

  • Mango wallet
  • Mango Man own blockchain
  • Kill one zero To get in Top 200
  • MMIT decentralized staking
  • To get Listed at Top 5 CEX

Phase 7

  • To kill 1 more zero
  • To get listed at Top 3 CEX
  • Mango Metaverse launch
progressHere We Are

Phase 8

  • Token Burn Completion
  • Web3 Browser
  • Mmit store launch
  • To Get Listed on Binance
  • Collaborations with Governments


powerd by binance smart chain

Token Address


  • 0% tax fees
  • Total Supply 2,100,000,000,000,000 MMIT
  • 30% of the supply of MMIT tokens will be burnt

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Auditing partner

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MMIT is the First Fruit Meme Token and it is deployed on Binance Smart Chain.